Lucky Gimblestar

Team B's Medic, a Gnome Druid


Lucky is the only member of Team B who grew up in Onress. He spent his early life learning the Druid ways, especially those of healing, and then joined up with the Avalonian Military as a healer. He was there for the many clashes with Barbarian invaders, and even for the wars against Kumalkulha and Tsumeraga.

But after his extended term of service ran out, he had nowhere to go. The druid order didn’t want him back, and he couldn’t return to the military. Eventually he found his way into the service of the d’Tanis family, who wanted to get rid of him very quickly, so they pushed him off on their youngest landholding member: Candace.

Lucky is a very uncomfortable person to be around. He is all to happy to expound upon gross and gritty details of human anatomy, and always seems to be trying to combine mechanics and flesh— with hideous results.

Lucky Gimblestar

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