Frigg Darkstone

Team B's Specialist, a Dwarven Thief


Born and raised in the underground city of Sonderbruk, Frigg was orphaned at a young age (for dwarves) when a drow army razed the city. Dwarves, being resilient folk eventually rebuilt and repopulated the city, but Frigg was left all alone.

It was then that he swore vengeance on all drow kind. He grew up from that time on stealing to live, and he quite likes stealing to this very day. He often excuses it by saying that he needs it more than the owner.

Frigg is a very blunt person, who says exactly what he thinks needs to be said. He also wears an eye-patch (a memento from his father) even though he can still see out of that eye. Frigg was recruited for Candace’s exploration guild after Wrys encountered him trying to rob the same tomb the dragonborn was exploring.

Frigg Darkstone

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